A Better Story: 

God, Sex and Human Flourishing 

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​​​​  Glynn Harrison

                What if ...

                           ... the sexual revolution forced Christians to face up to their culture of shame?  

                           ... we remembered that we truly flourish when we live in harmony with God's design?

                           ... we re-imagined what it means to be be made sexual in the image of God?

                And we left behind the broken promises of the sexual revolution to tell a better story of our own?

Glynn Harrison is a Christian, psychiatrist and speaker. In his new book 'A Better Story' he questions the future of the traditional biblical teaching on sex and marriage. Given the scale of the social and cultural change that we now call the sexual revolution,  are Christians stuck in a time warp, glued to a worldview that is simply no longer plausible? Considering how far society has come, is it time to throw in the towel and get with the programme?  Or could it be that just as nobody foresaw the tumultuous events of the past 12 months, something unexpected is about to happen? Glynn argues that as the fall-out from the sexual revolution becomes ever more clear, this could be the moment when Christians recover their confidence and start learning from the mistakes of the past. He calls us to re-discover the biblical vision for sex and marriage as integral to the Gospel's promise of life for the world - the only sure foundation of the freedom and flourishing the sexual revolution promised, but failed to deliver. 


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